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Mass Data Migration devices are equipped to perform in nearly any environment: from data centers and offices to remote locations, warehouses and ships. Mass Data Migration is also an alternative if over-the-network data transfer options are cost-prohibitive, too slow or unavailable.

There is virtually no limit to the amount of data you can transfer, whether it’s a few terabytes to petabytes. Each device holds up to 120 TB of usable capacity at RAID-6, but you can use multiple devices to accommodate larger workloads.

From the time a customer submits a Mass Data Migration Request to when their data is accessible in their IBM Cloud Object Storage bucket, the turnaround time can be as little as 7 days.

IBM® Cloud Mass Data Migration is a physical data transfer service that accelerates the secure movement of terabytes to petabytes of data into the IBM Cloud using rugged, 120 TB-usable capacity, portable storage devices.

Use the IBM SoftLayer® Control Portal to submit your request. Once your request is approved and processed, the next available device or devices will be pre-configured and shipped to you based upon your network and shipping information. Use the following link to start now.

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A device may be kept on-site at no cost for the first 10 business days. This does not include the day your device is shipped or the day you receive it. If additional time is needed to complete your ingestion, you can extend your use for USD 30 per day thereafter (applies to US and EU regions).

Mass Data Migration uses UPS Next Day Air round-trip delivery to ship all devices. The cost is included in the low, flat rate of USD 395 per device. Customers are unable to select alternative shipping methods at this time.

No fees are incurred for data transferred into the IBM Cloud.

In the US, a flat rate of USD 395 is charged per device including the USD 295 device fee, USD 100 round-trip UPS Next Day Air delivery, and 10 business days of use at your site.

The transfer of data into the IBM Cloud is at no cost to you, however, standard rates will apply for data stored in IBM Cloud Object Storage or any other IBM Cloud service. You can find pricing for IBM Cloud Object Storage for the Standard Cross Region offering at the following link.

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Mass Data Migration devices have 10 Gbps network interfaces with RJ45 (CAT6a) & SFP+ copper--RJ45 to SFP+ converter included--network ports.

Mass Data Migration encrypts all data with AES 256-bit encryption and provides a strong password to unlock the storage pool. All data transfer within IBM is done over SSL.

All Mass Data Migration devices are housed in rugged and durable enclosures. These cases are waterproof, shockproof and tamper-evident to ensure device and data security round-trip.

To track the status of your request, refer to the active requests section on the Mass Data Migration page in the SoftLayer Control Portal. You can sign into the portal using the following link.

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As soon as your data offload to IBM Cloud Object Storage is complete, IBM immediately initiates a four-pass DOD-level data wipe to permanently erase your data from the device.

Mass Data Migration uses the Network File System (NFS).

After you have unlocked the encryption pool, mount the NFS share on the server that contains the data you intend to migrate, then begin copying your data files into the NFS share.

Mass Data Migration devices use a ZFS file system with LZ4 compression and AES 256-bit encryption.

Use multiple devices in parallel or in a series to move all data in a single migration or use a single device in iterative migrations. For example, transfer 1 PB of data using 9 devices in parallel, or use a single device in 9 separate migrations.

Mass Data Migration is currently only available in the United States and European Union. All data is migrated into IBM Cloud Object Storage in the US Standard Cross Region or EU Cross Region tiers of the service, respectively. Devices cannot be shipped from one region and returned to another region.

Mass Data Migration does not support exporting data out of the IBM Cloud at this time.

The file interface is based on mature file and network software enabling large numbers of large files to be copied and transported to the IBM Cloud.

IBM Cloud Mass Data Migration devices are not available for purchase.

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