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Scope and manage custodians and data sources

Segment and manage messages for large custodian lists. Identify custodians by numerous attributes, including their responsibilities for records or IT systems and their involvement in the issue in dispute – by department affiliation, function, role and other criteria. Define and track data sources involved in matters. Add and remove data sources as matter facts change. Track terminated employee assets. Alert appropriate legal staff when custodians in their holds transfer or terminate.

Conduct effective virtual interviews and automate follow ups

Combine initial hold notices with custodian questionnaires and incorporate hold compliance tracking. Establish intervals for re-issuing questionnaires, track responses, and set escalations for non-responses. Author a library of standard questionnaires. Update questions as needed. Automatically collate recipient responses by group, question, answer and follow-up actions. Set automatic alerts and action items for specific answers.

Control, monitor and manage the discovery process

Define, track and monitor various preservation, collection and discovery activities in a single system of record for higher integrity and less manual record keeping. Follow the natural sequence of events and iteration throughout a typical matter lifecycle. Automatically detect exceptions to holds, collection requests and interviews and send alerts to legal staff through email or dashboards. Specify the legal team for a matter and share alerts and action plans automatically.

Integrate with other Atlas eDiscovery products

Use with Atlas IT eDiscovery Process Management to define and re-use standard collection protocols for data sources, determine collection scope and assign collections to discovery specialists. Integrate with Atlas eDiscovery Policy Federation Framework and Software Development Kit (SDK) to automate collection from data sources. Add Atlas eDiscovery Cost Forecasting and Management to enable inside and outside counsel to prepare more quickly and effectively for discovery conferences and more.

IBM Atlas eDiscovery Process Management

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Achieving data privacy and governance for operational efficiencies

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