5 multi-cloud migration offers to meet your business needs

Discover Services: Assess your migration needs

Discover services helps you capture metrics to baseline IT infrastructure assets and applications as mapped to workloads. The resulting application dependency mapping and reports enable development of a detailed migration plan.

Migration Services: Rely on a team of expert engineers

Migration Services employs the vast knowledge, experience and industry knowledge of IBM migration experts. Take advantage of 24x7 execution supported by relevant technology partnerships for your workloads running on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems.

Migration Plus Services: Upgrade your migration services

Migration Plus Services enhance migration by upgrading your operating system and database versions at the source, prior to migrating workloads. These services ensure that applications are performing to expectation and that workloads are seamlessly migrated to the desired cloud platform.

Storage Migration Services: Scaled data migration

Storage Migration Services is a standalone offer for large scale data migration and complements any large scale transformation programs.

Jumpstart: IBM Cloud Services for VMware technology

Jumpstart Services enable enterprise customers to leverage VMware technology when integrating their data centers with IBM Cloud without needing to reconfigure workloads. The migrated workloads retain original IP addresses and single network configuration on IBM Cloud. There are two offers within Jumpstart: VCS Services - a one week consulting engagement on data center integration to IBM Cloud; HCX Migration Services: design documentation for quick win migration of 20 workloads to IBM Cloud.

IBM Hybrid Cloud Migration Services - Data Sheet

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How customers use it

  • Where should I begin my migration journey?

    Where should I begin my migration journey?


    You understand the benefits inherent in cloud computing but your existing IT staff does not have the time, skills or budget it needs to collect information on what workloads and applications should be moved or how to bundle the migrations.


    The self-service Discovery module helps you collect accurate data about the existing environment and provides a clearer picture of IT assets so that you can launch a migration initiative in less than a week with no additional BAU resources.

  • What we’re doing now just isn’t working.

    What we’re doing now just isn’t working.


    Without access to skilled migration engineers or an understanding of the available vendor tools, your migration project leader is failing to meet the migration project deadlines, threatening the overall timeline and budget.


    With IBM, you can tap into a global pool of skilled migration engineers who are trained in a broad range of tools. The IBM no-frills migration execution service performs migration of images and associated data to virtually any target environment.

  • We can’t quite figure out what migration will cost.

    We can’t quite figure out what migration will cost.


    IT is under constant pressure to save money but migration is taking longer than expected, demanding more staff time and leading to cost overruns. It’s also hard to track and project the expenses.


    IBM Cloud Migration Services provide an image-based rate card to perform automated, self-sufficient discovery and migration execution. This can give you a clearer picture of the overall cost and simplify expense-tracking.

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