Feature spotlights

Shift to an ITaaS operating model using your hybrid cloud

IBM consultants assist you with designing a solution to convert your current IT environment into a hybrid cloud environment using an IT as a Service (ITaaS) operating model. ITaaS can provide enhanced agility, speed and reduce operational risk. IBM offers an established methodology and IBM assets to help optimize how you design, implement, integrate and manage your hybrid environment.

Integrate and optimize your IT

These services support multivendor solutions – both technology solutions and managed services. You have the choice of selecting a full IBM solution or using IBM capabilities as well as third party solutions to protect your investments. IBM has developed a methodology that supports the integration of hybrid clouds across multiple locations and vendors. IBM consultants and architects use their global experiences to help you gain knowledge on how to run a hybrid, multivendor ITaaS environment.

Reduce your IT costs and operational risks

An ITaaS operating model and advanced automation help run your hybrid cloud more efficiently with greater transparency and management control. You are better able to optimize the value of your existing IT investments. IBM provides workflows and change management protocols to help improve operations and governance, reduce IT costs and understand your investment options – either dedicated or shared capabilities – with supporting business cases.

Choose the IBM services that work best for you

IBM can provide strategy workshops on automation, orchestration, provisioning, and the required changes to your IT operating model. The assessment and roadmap service helps determine whether you would benefit from predefined capabilities to operate, manage, and control your hybrid cloud environment. The architecture and design service helps you develop a go-forward IT architecture, IT operating model or a multivendor solution specific to your environment.