IBM Debug for z/OS details

Deep and wide z/OS environment support

IBM Debug for z/OS provides extensive subsystem support including environments such as Batch, CICS®, IMS, Db2®, z/OS Unix and TSO -- for day one currency and legacy hardware, compilers, z/OS, CICS, IMS, Db2 and batch. See the resource blog for detailed compatibility and requirements.

Extended debug experience

Visual debug, available when integrated with IBM Developer for z/OS or IBM Z Open Development, provides a graphical view of program execution flow, including the current execution path, plus features like setting breakpoints from the source editor.

Useful code coverage and tracking capabilities

When integrated with IBM Developer for z/OS, the IBM z/OS Debugger provides a facility to track tested lines of code to improve application quality.

Valuable data at your fingertips

IBM Debug for z/OS enables you to monitor variables, registers, memory and expressions.

Productive source level debugging options

The source level debugging in IBM Debug for z/OS enables you to set breakpoints at statements, programs and conditions, run until a breakpoint is reached, view and change the values of variables and storage and much more.

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Technical details

Software requirements

A complete list of software requirements is available in the resource below.

    Hardware requirements

    A complete list of hardware requirements is available in the resource below.

      Technical specifications

      Debug for z/OS is built on the IBM z/OS Debugger. The z/OS Debugger is the next generation of IBM Z debug technology, and is included in IBM Z Open Development, IBM Developer for z/OS, IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition, and IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS. The Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development can simplify planning and configuring the z/OS Debugger.

      • Please click the link below to learn about the Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development.
      See a complete list of technical specifications

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