Feature spotlights

Ensure the integrity of offline data access

Cloudant includes mobile sync libraries for both iOS® and Android™, enabling apps to store and access data locally, then sync to the cloud when an internet connection is available.

Store your location-based data in the popular GeoJSON format

Cloudant Geospatial combines the advanced geospatial queries of geographic information systems (GIS) with the flexibility and scalability of the Cloudant NoSQL Database-as-a-Service.

Do more ad hoc queries over your data

Cloudant includes pre-built connectors to popular analytics tools like Apache Spark and IBM dashDB, enabling you to explore your application’s JSON data and uncover business insights with ease.

Analytics and data warehousing for JSON

Take Cloudant JSON data (including geospatial types) and bring it into a Spark cluster or SQL warehouse where it can be explored, analyzed and visualized.

Customer case studies

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