Feature spotlights

Data Integration Made Simple

Multiple platforms and formats make data difficult to leverage. Nonrelational mainframe data can be especially hard to access. Data Virtualization Manager creates virtual integrated views of data, and enables users and applications read/write access to mainframe data in place, without having to move, replicate or transform data.

Create agile web apps and modernize legacy apps

Applications need agile read/write access to mainframe data, both relational and non-relational. Applications that use batch to update mainframe data can be modernized with real-time data via RESTful APIs. Mainframe sources such as VSAM, ADABAS, IDMS, IMS, DB2 and SMF can be combined with other data without the need for mainframe skills.

Fast and secure mainframe data access

Eliminate the risk of moving data off platform, keeping it secure and in-place on IBM Z. Data Virtualization Manager exploits IBM Z’s security features like pervasive encryption, and supports systems security protocols RACF, ACF2, and Top Secret, as well as native data base level security.

Save costs speeding up ETL

Data Virtualization Manager can significantly speed up ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) data movement processes and reduce the mainframe costs associated with accessing or moving large volumes of data It runs almost exclusively on zIIP processors minimizing any effect on general purpose processing costs.

RedPaper: Accelerating Digital Transformation on Z Using DVM

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