Four good reasons to use IBM CareDiscovery

Gain advanced analytics using proprietary methodologies

IBM CareDiscovery® applies proprietary methodologies to your data. These methodologies are created using one of the most comprehensive healthcare claims databases in the US. The database contains 21 million all-payer discharges representing over 2,700 hospitals. CareDiscovery uses the same methodologies as the nationally recognized Watson Health 100 Top Hospitals® program.

Benchmark against the best

CareDiscovery helps providers enhance care insights by benchmarking performance at different levels, such as diagnosis, patient population, service line, physician, or any clinical condition. This enables you to view your data and benchmark against the national averages, targeted percentile benchmark, or 100 Top Winners. It also shows your clinical and financial outcome metrics so you can identify improvement opportunities.

Quality improvement based on root cause

CareDiscovery allows you to compare transactions to identify a root cause to utilization, cost, and quality at a transaction level. The solution identifies potential opportunities for process improvements; helping you to make more informed decisions on preferred drugs, supplies, and what clinical processes were missed.

Understand and act on key drivers of variations in care

CareDiscovery allows your physician leaders to view and analyze variations in care by providing streamlined access to detailed data to help you identify and act on key drivers of physician performance. The solution allows you to see performance comparisons between your organization and industry peers, helps you understand how specific patient populations, physician specialties, and/or physician roles operate, and allows you to view process variation that is clinically meaningful.

How customers use it

  • AHMC Healthcare

    AHMC Healthcare


    Improve the patient experience and entire clinical operation around sepsis management.


    AHMC used IBM CareDiscovery to uncover opportunities to improve sepsis compliance, which ultimately led to a higher level of care.

  • Schneck Medical Center

    Schneck Medical Center


    Develop a strategy to address a disproportionately high number of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients in its population and reduce the associated readmissions.


    The team used IBM CareDiscovery to identify the root of the hospital’s rising readmission rate and formulate a plan to improve its patient-centric approach across the care continuum.

  • Carson Tahoe Health

    Carson Tahoe Health


    Convince the system’s board that an outpatient palliative care program could help address its higher-than-average mortality rates, and help decrease the risk of future financial impact from those rates.


    The healthcare system used IBM CareDiscovery to track and analyze end-stage patient mortality and related length of stay, readmissions, utilization and costs in key disease groups.

  • DeKalb Medical

    DeKalb Medical


    Improve operational and clinical performance, reduce administrative and clinical inefficiencies and develop system-wide key metrics – all with limited resources.


    The team used IBM CareDiscovery to fundamentally change the way it measured system-wide performance, monitoring key metrics.

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