What CareDiscovery Quality Measures can do for you

IBM CareDiscovery® Quality Measures is a core measure reporting tool used by many US hospitals to support their Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) compliance and core measure reporting requirements. It has a track record of accurate, on-time submissions – making it a leader for the CMS Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program (HIQRP) or for accreditation from The Joint Commission (TJC).

CareDiscovery Quality Measures supports your hospital clinical quality improvement initiatives by providing efficient quality measures reporting. Use the tool to gain maximum performance-based reimbursement while protecting your market share.

CareDiscovery Quality Measures

Be proactive to improve quality

With its detailed error checking, CareDiscovery Quality Measures lets you pinpoint quality-of-care and data collection issues before data are submitted.

Achieve regulatory compliance

CareDiscovery Quality Measures has a 100 percent on-time submission record to The Joint Commission and a 99 percent acceptance by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Gain better monitoring

CareDiscovery Quality Measures provides patient- and physician-level snapshots of performance on individual measures. It highlights process-of-care omissions while patients are still in the hospital.

Save time

CareDiscovery Quality Measures has near real-time uploads for frequent data postings and time-saving skip logic.

Streamline workflows

CareDiscovery Quality Measures lets you use customized abstraction worklists.

Five reasons to use CareDiscovery Quality Measures

  • Flexible and reliable reporting
  • Manage cases while patients are still in-house
  • Save time with electronic reconciliation
  • Gain greater efficiency and accuracy to your reporting
  • Receive a wealth of support

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