How CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures can help you

IBM CareDiscovery® Electronic Quality Measures from IBM Watson Health™ helps you take advantage of both Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and The Joint Commission (TJC) electronic clinical quality measures (eCQM) reporting requirements. The product accepts patient data from disparate electronic health record (EHR) systems, calculates measures and generates measure results. Watson Health then submits the results to CMS and TJC.

CareDiscovery® Electronic Quality Measures assists hospitals in understanding data results and identifying ways to gather the required data within their existing hospital information systems (HIS).

CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures

Meet two key regulatory requirements

CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures provides electronic eCQMs calculations and electronic reporting to both CMS and TJC.

Securely collect data from many sources

Data can be collected from multiple, disparate electronic health records. Upload data in a simple and secure manner.

Get multiple quality management reports

Get reports you need – from measurement to trending – including data quality and trend reports for overall quality insights.

Create custom benchmarks – and more

Set up custom benchmarks to understand performance improvement needs. CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures can also provide insights on the data elements required for accurate eCQM calculations.

Steps to using CareDiscovery Electronic Quality Measures

  • Excellence ensured – because data content is key
  • Secure and simple – receiving your data
  • Analysis and reporting – every report you need
  • Getting the details right – electronic submissions
  • Ensuring compliance – the evolution of quality reporting

Security and privacy in the cloud

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