A culture of inclusion and belonging

Leading with our values and beliefs to ensure that every IBMer can bring their full selves to work.

IBM has more than 100 years of work on diversity, inclusion and equality in the workplace. That legacy, and our continued commitment to advance equity in a global society, has made us leaders in diversity and inclusion.

Guided by our values and beliefs, we’re proud to foster an environment where every IBMer is able to thrive because of their differences, not in spite of them.

Ginni Rometty

Diverse teams are critical to making better business decisions and feeding innovation. At IBM, diversity and inclusion is not only a set of policies and programs—it’s essential to our business strategy and for our company’s culture to thrive…and for society overall.

Everyone deserves to thrive because of who they are - not despite who they are. To me, fostering diversity and inclusion is about ensuring everyone feels safe and appreciated to bring their full identity to work.

More than ever before, it’s important we acknowledge the driving forces behind a more diverse and inclusive society, and consider our role in contributing to them.

Katrina Troughton
Managing Director
IBM Australia & New Zealand

IBM's efforts to lead progressive workplace practices around diversity and inclusion has and will always be a constant part of the company's character. At IBM, we celebrate diversity of thought and inclusion in everything we do

Join us at IBM A/NZ – where differences are valued and given a voice to create opportunities and bring about change.

Gold Level Employer
of Choice

IBM was recognised as the “Gold Level Employer of Choice” in the annual Australian LGBTQ+ Inclusion Awards 2020. Keri Le Page, IBM A/NZ Inclusion & Diversity Partner talks about this big win.

Good Tech Starts with the Right People

IBM has a proud history of championing technology for good. The recent global disruption may have exposed entrenched inequalities in our society, but it has also strengthened our resolve to use technology to achieve a future that is brighter for all, not just a few.

Find out how IBM AN/Z champions tech for good

IBMers celebrating an inclusive workplace

Celebrating Pride Month in the New Normal

IWD Femme in STEM Experience

Supporting the Victoria Pride Centre

Advancing Accessibility in IBM

National Reconciliation Week 2020

Neurodiversity at IBM

Creating a Trans-Inclusive Environment

IBM is proud to be supporting Pride month and standing alongside our LGBT+ colleagues to support and empower them. Though there may not have been a Pride march this year, we are taking the time to really focus on coming together as a community and supporting one another.

Progress Begins With Pride (YouTube, 01:18)

This year for International Women's Day, IBM A/NZ held our inaugural IWD “Femme in STEM Experience” workshops in Sydney and Melbourne. The concept was to build on the Femme in STEM offering we have traditionally used with university students but to make it bigger and to shift the dial back to high schools to try, in a small way, to positively influence the lives of the 100 teenage girls that attended.

On 17 June 2019, IBM Australia gave a boost to Australia's LGBTQ+ community by becoming Founding Principal Partner of the Victorian Pride Centre.

IBM's three-year partnership will contribute to the ongoing sustainability of the VPC, allowing the organisations housed within the centre to focus on delivering their services to the community.

In IBM, we believe that moving towards accessibility as a mindset and not just as a practice. I've dedicated time to completing some new badges namely, the "Accessibility Advocate badge" and the "Advancing Accessibility badge both of which I have gained a lot of new insights from.

As a recruiter, I am also now thinking through the lens of a candidate who tries to view and apply to our job advertisements.

Christine Ma
IBM A/NZ Talent Acquisition Partner

Indigenous cultures place a high value on people and relationships and a key element of the ‘Relationship to Reconciliation’ workshop was to help participants tell their story on their purpose in life and what matters most to them. The group examined how the stories of the Indigenous spirit guides matched the values of IBM and used this to ideate the types of reconciliation activities that best aligned for each key IBM location.

Sally Hughes
UX/UI Designer

Joshua Maddison, a Solution Developer within IBM's Global Cloud Acceleration Team (GCAT) in Sydney, shares about his unique journey having diagnosed with a very mild form of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at a very early age and how he has found a home in IBM:

Working with IBM has been a consistently positive experience for me since day one.

Joshua Maddison
Solution Developer, IBM Cloud 

Hear about Joshua’s experience as a Neurodiverse IBMer (YouTube, 02:31)

Meet Abigail, Application Developer from IBM Australia as she talks about her coming out journey as a transgender woman. From the support of her colleagues to taking leave for gender affirmation related appointments, Abigail has been able to be her authentic self at work.

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