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Transfer, exchange and deliver your data across public, private and hybrid clouds at maximum speed.

How it works

Transfer volume

Precommitted plans specify an amount of data that can be transferred in one year. Transferring more than the precommitted volume results in an overage fee.

Precommitment term

The precommitted transfer volume must be used in full within the year. There’s no credit, rollover or partial refund for unused transfer capacity.

Billing cycle

You choose the billing cycle for your precommitted plan. You can choose to be billed annually up front or monthly.


Aspera on Cloud Standard, Advanced and Enterprise include 10 – 500 TB of pass-through cloud provider egress amounts a year. Cloud provider egress amounts beyond the included amount for your plan will be billed on a per-GB basis each month.


Each edition includes a base amount of built-in storage from IBM Cloud® Object Storage. Overage charges will be billed on a per-GB basis each month.

Workflow automation

Advanced and enterprise editions include unlimited configuration of automation workflows. Advanced edition allows running of five concurrent workflows; Enterprise edition allows running of 10 concurrent workflows.