Empower store employees to provide superior customer service

IBM® Sterling Store Engagement provides a real-time view of all your inventory, customer and order data through an intuitive user interface that’s accessible from sales counters and mobile devices. Purpose-built tools provide cross-sell and up-sell recommendations, help standardize processes for inventory and task management, and enable flexible fulfillment options (such as curbside pickup, buy online, pickup in store and ship from store), as well as managing returns across channels. IBM Sterling Store Engagement allows store employees to provide omni-channel services in the store for fulfillment, inventory management, task management and customer service.

Screen capture showing IBM Store Engagement displaying order summary about a jacket purchase.

Benefits of IBM Sterling Store Engagement

For Store Associates

  • Grow revenue with personalized recommendations for up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Drive efficiency with inventory location data and an optimized pick, pack and ship process/pickup
  • Maximize the use of working capital with accurate inventory counts

For Store Managers

  • Drive sales with inventory visibility across the store network to save the sale
  • Monitor and manage activities and tasks for employees
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs with condensed inventory across store networks

For Customers

  • Help customers enjoy a more streamlined experience, with quick mobile checkout and client-handling capabilities
  • Execute purchase and checkout of in-store products — without customers having to stand in line
  • Create an enhanced shopping experience by delivering compelling product information in-store

IBM Sterling Store Engagement in action

Key features of IBM Sterling Store Engagement

Responsive web design

Works on desktops, tablets and phones to enable store employees to efficiently provide customers with an optimal omnichannel experience in the store

Various fulfillment options

Provide in-store pickup, home delivery and traditional shipping as three distinct fulfillment methods that are supported at an order-line level.

Simplified in-store returns

Allows easy and accurate rules-based processing of orders and items, regardless of the original purchase channel that was used.

Contactless payment methods

Enables quicker and more efficient check-out, thanks to contactless payment methods.