Build once, deploy anywhere with cloud native applications

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With IBM LinuxONE, your developers can build and modernize new applications, using the open-source tools they love, on a platform purpose-built for cloud. Build once and deploy anywhere with consistent management and orchestration through Red Hat® OpenShift® and IBM Cloud Paks®.

Keep data protected and private with encryption everywhere

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Manage data privacy by policy and keep data protected from internal and external threats – at rest and in flight. IBM Data Privacy Passports, a data privacy and security enforcement solution, is designed to control access and revocation to off-platform data across your enterprise and to protect your ecosystem’s data, regardless of data source.

Go years between downtime with cyber resilience

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Your customers require 24/7 availability and the best security. Securely scale up to thousands of workloads isolated from internal and external threats with the new IBM Secure Execution for Linux.

Deploy compute resources flexibly and on demand

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You need a platform designed for the modern data center and your business. With IBM LinuxONE, you can deploy compute resources flexibly and on-demand, regardless of your size and capacity needs. Benefit from flexible consumption models, on-chip compression for defined workloads, and a footprint that fits perfectly. And IBM LinuxONE III LT2 systems now offer a reserved space to co-locate IBM Storage.

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Newlight Technologies

Turns greenhouse gas into a resource with blockchain-backed technology

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Nowy Styl

Smart system consolidation — accelerating processing performance with style.

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Technical details

Technical specifications

LinuxONE III offers unique enterprise system capabilities to support trusted digital experiences:

  • Specialty engines: IFL, LPAR, Systems Assistant Processors (for I/O), 190 Cores
  • Encryption: EAL5+, ECC Digital signature, Smart Cards, CPACF, Crypto Express7S, SSC4ICP
  • I/O: FICON, FCP, zHyperLink, Open Sys Adpt, HiperSockets, SMC-D, 10 GbE RoCE2/SMC-R, 25GbE RoCE Exp2
  • Channels: OSA-Express6S, OSA-Express7S 25 GbE SR
  • NVMe boot support
  • 16U reserved space hardware configuration flexibility

Software requirements

  • Supported operating systems: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP2, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
  • Supported virtualization: IBM z/VM 6.4, IBM z/VM 7.1, IBM z/VM 7.2, KVM as offered with Linux

Hardware requirements

Specifications will vary by model and configuration. See the technical Redbooks for details and requirements.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment solutions help you align your infrastructure investments with workload needs.