What IBM z/OS Data Set Mobility Facility can do for you

IBM z/OS® Data Set Mobility Facility (zDMF) is a non-disruptive data migration solution that moves critical, allocated mainframe data sets almost immediately. It reduces the complexity of managing large migrations and helps ensure that applications remain online and available.

By migrating groups of data sets across hardware from different vendors and with different disk capacities, zDMF helps you avoid manual data-set migrations – minimizing errors and downtime. With accelerated data set migration:

  • Reduce the cost of deploying new mainframe storage and IT labor
  • Minimize lease and maintenance overlaps
  • Virtually eliminate outages
IBM z/OS Data Set Mobility Facility

Gain flexibility

Immediately migrate data sets across storage from different vendors and with different disk capacities – without disrupting applications.

Avoid potential outages

Complete IBM® DB2® data migrations to help reclaim and redeploy DB2 storage.

Automatically consolidate and migrate

Avoid manual data set-level migrations so applications can remain online.

Handle all data set volumes

Perform data set migrations from small-capacity volumes to large-capacity volumes.

Get more choices

Pick the vendor you want to migrate data or to refresh storage technology.

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