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IBM Healthcare Industry: 2020 Vision

The IBM Healthcare's vision, to engage the audience in a view for their future and IBM as their partner.

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Digital Hospital Series: Overview

A typical hospital has thousands of diverse applications, devices and technologies, yet the pressure for standards adoption and interoperability is mounting.

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Maximize the value of unstructured data in population healthcare management

See how Unified Data Model for Healthcare can improve population healthcare management programs.

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Using IBM UDMH to deliver mental healthcare in the community

Discover how the software provides a blueprint for comprehensive data warehouse applications such as mental health.

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Population Health Management and the Impact of Deprivation on Healthcare

Provides a blueprint for data warehouse business intelligence applications, including general, mental and health management.

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Business User Focused Vocabularies for IBM Industry Models

Learn the guidelines which help build vocabulary assets, accurately reflecting the meaning and context of key business terms

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IBM Industry Models support for a data lake architecture

Understand the guidelines and practices to use IBM Industry Models as a key part of an organization's data lake initiative.

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Guidelines for deploying IBM Industry Models to Hadoop

Focuses on the use of the IBM Industry Models and their deployment to the Hive and HBASE areas of the Hadoop landscape.

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IBM Industry Models and IBM Master Data Management Positioning and Deployment

Provides analysis and implementation of both information and structures to manage business.

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Value of IBM Industry Data Models

Learn about model driven approach to solution development, from capturing business requirements to mapping to implementation.

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IBM Unified Data Model for Healthcare

Provides a blueprint for comprehensive data warehouse business intelligence applications.

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