Real-time fraud detection across digital channels

IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect helps protect digital channels against account takeover, fraudulent transactions, and can help detect end user devices infected with high risk malware. Trusteer Pinpoint Detect is a cloud-based solution that can transparently build user profiles and continuously authenticate online identities to help you differentiate between a true user and fraudsters.

Real-time risk assessment

Delivers aggregated and dynamic global, real-time threat data through the cloud allowing banks to focus on delivering stellar customer experiences.

Create custom policies

Control and create custom policies to help you rapidly build and deploy countermeasures.

Seamless customer experience

Provides frictionless authentication for real, trusted users so organizations can focus on legitimate customers as opposed to fraudsters.

Key features of IBM Trusteer Pinpoint Detect

  • Behavioral biometrics for real-time fraud detection
  • Detects end user devices infected with malware
  • Adaptable intelligence at work
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Global threat intelligence service
  • Customer protection from online threats
  • Agile design speeds up response process