IBM Z Workload Scheduler details

Make automation work for you

Leverage calendar and event-based workload automation and prioritized execution to move from a static approach to being flexible and service-driven. Your intervention is minimized with autonomous policy-based actions that respect critical deadlines. Get notified when unusual conditions occur and when self-healing and automated recovery initiate. A Web browser based console gives you dashboards and graphical views of your production plan and progress.

Integrate powerfully

Monitor workloads and resources through a common interface with Tivoli Enterprise Portal integration. Integrate with System Automation for z/OS® to manage and control resources in one workflow. Integration with Workload Manager gives you dynamic workload routing to IBM Z systems resources and optimizes velocity and IT resources. You can connect apps and data across mainframe, distributed servers and Cloud through integration with big data analytics and business intelligence software.

Leverage next generation technology

Enable your organization to expand or shrink distributed system resource investment levels using the elastic capabilities of the Cloud. You can make real-time changes based on evolving business needs. IBM Z Workload Scheduler gives you the flexibility to move your applications into the Cloud or to trigger the provisioning of additional distributed servers to assist with a peak demand.

Go mobile

Use the self-service catalog on mobile devices to trigger business services requests autonomously and monitor the results. Give business users a health-check view of the workload automation environment with self-service dashboards on their mobile devices.

Improve productivity

Use your business policies as the basis to automatically process heterogeneous workloads. This minimizes idle time and improves production flow. You can plan for myriad jobs, resolve interdependencies, launch and track jobs. Continuity and integrity come from a hot standby architecture, alternate workstation definition and backup plans. You get automated incident creation for ended-in-error jobs, with the open services for lifecycle collaboration protocol.

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