Data modeling for your business and IT requirements

IBM Telecommunications Data Warehouse is a data warehouse model designed for cable, internet, telecom and related service providers. It combines industry expertise, regulatory best practices and predefined content to support your business and IT requirements. The solution helps you define and manage definitions and standards, and consolidates enterprise data to accelerate deployments. It brings together actionable information, which can improve customer service, service management, marketing, finance and profitability. It also helps to facilitate an incremental approach to delivering an integrated reporting repository.
IBM Telecommunications Data Warehouse

Provides insightful analytics

Offers decision support, analytics and predictive modeling to provide a solid basis for reporting and relationship management.

Reduces cost and project risk

Helps you reduce the time, costs and risks associated with scoping requirements, customizing and extending your data warehouse.

Supports regulatory compliance

Helps you address regulatory compliance issues associated with reporting. Provides the right level of data granularity to meet legal reporting requirements.

Key features

  • Common customer profile view
  • Product lifecycle management
  • Campaign performance management
  • Service management
  • Integration, analytics and reporting
  • FlexPoint licensing

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