Feature spotlights

A strong partnership with IBM and Citrix

With IBM Technology Support Services, you will benefit from the resources of the world’s largest technology support company, the expertise of Citrix, and the knowledge of your IT team – all working together to ensure the best business outcomes.

Single point of contact

If an issue arises with your Citrix products, support is covered under a single contract and together we can address the issue holistically. By providing a single point of contact, IBM can help you reduce the complexities of managing support from multiple vendors and mitigate risks with global coverage and local language support.

Support configured to your needs

Whether you need break-fix support for one device or more robust predictive services, we can deliver expert support for your Citrix products. We provide an array of customizable support terms and response time commitments to fit your needs and budget. Our process begins by understanding your requirements so we can develop a customized service plan with built-in flexibility to adjust plans as your needs change.

Expert service delivery

With 19,000 worldwide support employees who handle over six million annual service requests and more than 30 years’ experience supporting multivendor support, IBM has the expertise you need to support your IT environment. We are committed to providing rapid response in the event of downtime to get you back up and running with minimal impact to your business. Using data and advanced IBM analytics, we can also offer proactive support to help you prevent problems before they happen.

Innovative technologies for faster, better response

IBM supports over 30,000 different IT devices, including Citrix products. To meet your IT maintenance needs, IBM Technology Support Services leverages advanced tools such augmented reality, the cognitive capabilities of IBM Watson®, predictive maintenance and blockchain. Using these technologies, we are able to prevent more problems, quickly identify and resolve issues, lower IT costs and simplify IT maintenance to optimize availability so your team can focus on your business goals.