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SPSS Statistics Gradpack Base Edition offers the essential statistical procedures you need to increase the reliability of your analysis. Features include descriptive statistics, correlation, crosstabs, frequencies, T-tests and linear regression clustering.

SPSS Statistics Gradpack Standard Edition includes the advanced statistical procedures of Base Edition. But it goes much further to help you improve data quality and forecasting. Features include non-linear regression and mixed model analysis, and uni and multivariate techniques.

SPSS Statistics Gradpack Premium Edition offers all the features of SPSS Statistics 26. This includes Base Edition and Standard Edition capabilities, and more. If you want to perform any type of analysis with the most sophisticated procedures available, this edition is the right choice.

Subscription does not use licenses. You will need to uninstall the Subscription trial and install the appropriate GradPack software if you chose the non-subscription version of the GradPack.

Your fastest route for support is through your place of purchase. There is also a student Q&A forum in IBM's developerWorks (link below).

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SPSS Statistics GradPack Subscription is a student subscription for SPS Statistics offered at a discount of more than 90% compared to our commercial subscription pricing. It is the equivalent to the premium edition of SPSS Statistics GradPack’s student license in terms of statistical capabilities.

SPSS GradPack Subscription is a student subscription offering for SPSS Statistics. It contains the same statistical capabilities as SPSS Statistics premium edition, allows for automatic updates, and a new user interface while requiring access to the internet at least once every fourteen days.