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IBM SPSS Custom Tables enables you to summarize SPSS Statistics data, and display your analyses as presentation-quality, production ready tables. It provides analytical capabilities to help you learn from your data, and offers advanced features that allow you to build tables people can easily read and interpret. The solution lets you work with output and present survey results using nesting, stacking and multiple response categories. You can also manage missing values, and change labels and formats.

This module is included in the SPSS Standard, Professional and Premium packages. It is available at an additional cost for the Base package.

Use in-depth analyses

Run Chi-square, column proportions and column means tests. Add more insight to tables by identifying differences, changes or trends in the data.

Preview tables as you build them

View tables as you select variables and table options to get the output you want.

Customize layout and format

Exclude specific categories, display missing value cells and add subtotals to tables to clearly communicate results.

Control table output

Create new fields directly in output tables to perform calculations on output categories. Choose from various formats to represent multi-way information in a two-way table.

Automate frequent reports

Run large production jobs and complex table structures to automatically build similar tables with new data.

Key features

  • Graphical user interface
  • Summary statistics
  • Content control
  • Table output
  • See all Module features in license versions
  • Compare different SPSS Statistics packages

Product images

Table building settings
Table building settings
Summary Statistics settings
Summary Statistics settings
Table building settings
Table building settings
Options settings
Options settings

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