Ease communication and networking for host terminals

IBM® Personal Communications is a host communication and terminal emulation package for Microsoft™ Windows™. Now with full 64-bit architecture, it features virtual terminal (VT) emulation and systems network architecture (SNA) application support and provides a platform to access data and applications on different host systems. It is a component of IBM Host Access Client Package (HACP) and IBM Host Integration Solution.

Enhancements include:

  • Full 64-bit product enables HACP server to save configurations and rapidly download updates
  • Host on Demand replaces browser on local machine and removes need to download JRE
IBM Personal Communications

Unify host access

Replace outdated, disparate communication tools with one solution for access to mainframe applications and data.

Secure your network

Make your security tough to crack with Support for Transport Layer Security 1.2 (TLS) with FIPS. Use the latest and more secured versions of IBM Java® Runtime Environment and IBM Global Security Kit.

Optimize network investments

Protect current and future investments with Microsoft Visual Basic automation objects and VBScript—and extensive application programming interface (API) support.

Boost productivity

Take advantage of productivity tools such as Scratch Pad, Quick Connect, Find Text and copy-paste options to augment the usability of the original green screen application.

Host communication and networking features

  • Full 64-bit architecture eases management tasks
  • Platform-independent solution
  • Enhanced security
  • Developer support
  • Time-saving utilities

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