Feature spotlights

Speed with white box models

New profile variables are easily created, back-calculated and tested in rules and models using real data while running in-memory.

Robust performance and scalability

Built for complex environments and global deployments with multi-tenancy, real-time processing is delivered with extreme throughput, low latency, triple redundancy, high availability, and security.

Extensive behavioral profiling

Profile every entity, every activity, in every channel then synchronize in this clustered architecture, in real-time, so every payment is always compared against the most current picture.

Real-time fraud detection

Designed from the ground up to meet the needs of tier-one, distributed payments environments and tested to support more than 4,000 TPS with response times in the single digit millisecond range.

How customers use it

  • Criminals are turning ATMs into fraud accomplices

    Criminals are turning ATMs into fraud accomplices


    There is a data breach in which card numbers of payment cards and PINs are stolen from payment processors or merchants, resulting in substantial fraud losses.


    IBM Safer Payments helps protect card issuers by monitoring all authorization requests from payment transactions in real-time. If it detects a transaction is part of a fraud scheme, it will decline the transaction before it is completed.

  • Immediate payment processing increases risk

    Immediate payment processing increases risk


    The drive to immediate payment processing increase risk of wire, online and mobile fraud.


    Profiling all channels and entities identifies and differentiates between suspicious and normal behavior, to ensure the proper transaction goes through in a timely manner.

Technical details

Software requirements

There are no software requirements for IBM Safer Payments.

    Hardware requirements

    A Linux or Intel server. Recommend three servers for triple redundancy.

      Technical specifications

      To deliver performance of this magnitude, IBM Safer Payments utilizes massive parallel computing—critical computations scale linearly with the number of CPU cores available. IBM Safer Payments is written in C/C++, the programming language of choice for any application requiring massive performance.

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