What can Method Composer do for my business?

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Method Composer is a flexible process management platform with a method authoring tool and a process asset library to help you implement measured improvement of your enterprise, systems engineering or software delivery processes. Method Composer tooling lets you create, edit, manage and publish process descriptions. The process and practice libraries provide best practice content that you can reuse as is or tailor to compose your own processes.
IBM Engineering Lifecycle Optimization - Method Composer

Follow best practices

Find expertise and experience in agile development; systems engineering; real-time, embedded software development; governance and compliance; and requirements, quality, change and release management.

Solve common business problems

Choose from over 100 customizable process plug-ins and practices, including IBM Rational Unified Process, for solving common business, management, or systems and software development problems.

Use predefined tool configuration assets

Search for process, artifact and report templates from predefined tool configuration assets. Use recommended metrics and guidance for setting up a system to support measured improvement.

Method Composer features

  • Configure processes based on operational objectives
  • Create content that conforms to processes
  • Capture and maintain practices
  • Get consistent results using proven best practices

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