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Minimizes elapsed time while maximizing availability

IMS™ Index Builder for z/OS® was designed with high performance in mind. It minimizes index creation elapsed time in building one or more indexes and maximizes high database availability which is important when batch and maintenance windows are shrinking. The IMS Index Builder issues IMS commands internally to take IMS databases offline and online for the minimal amount of time necessary to ensure there are no updates while the IMS indexes are being rebuilt.

Speeds work with parallel processes

IMS Index Builder uses a number of parallel sort algorithms including buffered sorts to reduce I/O activity and improve performance. The IMS Index Builder uses striping during sorting to split the sort process into parallel consecutive steps. It also uses parallel load processes when multiple indexes are loaded into a single IMS physical database. These sophisticated algorithms ensure the rebuilding of an IMS index is faster than the process of image copying and recovering the IMS index.

Supports a variety of databases

IMS Index Builder supports full-function non-partitioned databases and partitioned high availability large databases (HALDB). For any supported hierarchical direct (HD) database and for HISAM databases, it scans the existing physical database and builds IMS primary and secondary indexes. For non-partitioned databases, it creates one or more new secondary index databases. It also creates indexes for HDAM, HIDAM, HISAM, PHDAM and PHIDAM databases.

Integrated with many IMS database administration processes

When an IMS database is reorganized or recovered, IMS Index Builder is invoked to rebuild the indexes. It is also integrated with IMS High Performance Prefix Resolution to extract data needed for resolving IMS database prefixes for logical relationships. It is part of three IBM IMS Solutions: IMS Database Solution Pack, IMS Database Utility Solution and IMS Recovery Solution Pack.

Provides statistical reports and sorts processing functions

IMS Index Builder generates statistical reports which are stored in the IMS Tool Knowledge Base (ITKB) repository for centralized viewing and historical analysis. It generates sort control statements and internally calls the sort product that is provided by the user. When buffered sort is applied, it provides a sort file size estimation.

Offers advanced architecture and components

IMS Index Builder is composed of the driver and the common services group. The driver is invoked by the job-step executable, which initiates the Master Address Space (MAS), analyzes the input, processes the database control tables and attaches common services. In the final step multiple subordinate address spaces (SAS) are initiated to perform scans and sorts in parallel, indexes are loaded and DBRC registration is completed.

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