What IMS High Performance Prefix Resolution can do for you

IBM® IMS™ High Performance (HP) Prefix Resolution for z/OS® resolves and updates prefixes of IMS databases involved in logical relationships – as a single job step. It creates a data set for resolving the logical relationship pointers that are defined for the databases. Then the Prefix Update function updates the prefix of each segment whose prefix information was affected by a database load, reorganization – or both.

The tool improves database management by simplifying prefix resolution and update tasks. It reduces reorganization elapsed and CPU time by resolving logical relationship pointers quickly while reducing resource consumption.

IMS High Performance Prefix Resolution for z/OS

Resolves pointer relationships

Ensure pointer relationships are resolved and ready for production use after loading or reorganizing logically related databases.

Combines steps for efficiency

Combine prefix resolution and update functions as a single job step.

Eliminates intermediate steps

Use HPPRPIPE data transfer service, which eliminates the requirement for intermediate work data sets and reduces elapsed time and resource consumption.

Reduces tape handling, DASD allocation

Eliminate the intermediate work data sets DFSURWF2 and DFSURWF3, resulting in less tape handling and Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) allocation.

Minimizes requirements

Reduce or avoid much of the I/O, tape handling, and DASD requirements that are often associated with prefix resolution and prefix update.

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