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How it works

IMS™ High Performance Pointer Checker for z/OS® provides utilities that help you ensure that your IMS databases have the highest availability by checking for potential problems early and often. These utilities include the following:

HP Pointer Checker utility

This utility detects and reports problems of direct and/or other types of pointers. These reports pinpoint both the errors and their locations within IMS databases. It also produces many reports to help in tuning databases such as redundant space in IMS databases.

HP Tuning Aid utility

This utility produces reports that describe the distribution of root segments in HDAM, HIDAM, PHDAM, or PHIDAM databases. It also produces a report that gives summary information about High Availability Large Databases (HALDBs).

DB Historical Data Analyzer utility

This utility helps you to analyze the status and historical trend of IMS full-function database data sets which HP Pointer Checker supports. Historical trend is defined as the change in various aspects of IMS full-function database data sets. For example an historical trend could be the use of space, size and number of database segments – or the size and number of database blocks – from the past.

Space Monitor utility

This utility helps you to forecast potential space utilization problems of IMS full-function database data sets that HP Pointer Checker supports, and OS data sets – including VSAM data sets.

DB Segment Restructure utility

This utility changes the format of a segment data within any existing full-function database including HALDB. Its main function is to modify databases in ways that exceed the capabilities of the standard IMS utilities. One such task would be the changing of the hierarchy in a database. When you use DB Segment Restructure, there is no need to write a program to reformat segment data.

IMS Database Repair Facility

This utility is a powerful tool to repair VSAM and OSAM organized IMS databases that contain pointer or data errors. It can be run both interactively and in batch mode for VSAM and OSAM data sets.

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