Learn about IMS High Performance Unload for z/OS

Why use IMS High Performance Unload for z/OS?

As processing volumes increase, more work needs to be done in a shorter time due to shrinking batch windows. IMS™ High Performance Unload for z/OS® saves you time and money by reducing the CPU and elapsed time that is required to unload IMS databases and to run IMS data retrieval application programs.

Features two unload utilities and an API

IMS High Performance Unload includes two unload utilities, FABHURG1 and FABHFSU, that provide high speed unloading capability. It also includes an application programming interface (API) for DL/I application programs that use GN calls.

Works well with other IMS tools

IMS High Performance Unload is designed for use with IMS Database Reorganization Expert for z/OS and IMS Online Reorganization Facility for z/OS, as well as with other high performance IMS Tools products to provide the most efficient and powerful end-to-end solution for IMS database reorganization.

Generates statistical reports

IMS High Performance Unload generates statistical reports that are used during IMS database reorganization to help determine when a reorganization is actually needed. The reports can be also be used to measure the quality of the HDAM and PHDAM randomizing routines.

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