Key features of IBM COBOL for VSE/ESA

Rich set of intrinsic functions

The COBOL compiler provides a rich set of intrinsic functions, including data handling with four-digit year support, string handling, financial capabilities, statistical functions and mathematical formulas.

Migration path from other COBOL versions

COBOL for VSE/ESA gives you a migration path from DOS/VS COBOL and VS COBOL II. Most of your current programs will continue to run without modification. By migrating from DOS/VS COBOL to COBOL for VSE/ESA you get beyond the 24-bit addressing virtual storage constraint.

Structured programming and support

This solution offers structured programming, 31-bit addressing support and dynamic call support to help you overcome the 24-bit addressing virtual storage constraint.

Interoperability with other languages

The compiler requires Language Environment (LE) for z/VSE as a prerequisite program, which offers you a common runtime environment for all your high-level language applications written in COBOL, PL/I or C. LE for z/VSE makes interlanguage communication in mixed-language applications easier, more efficient and more consistent. LE for z/VSE also combines essential run-time services, such as routines for run-time message handling, condition handling and storage management.

Source level debugger

COBOL for VSE/ESA supports the same powerful common source level debugger that is offered with the other programming languages in the LE for z/VSE family. Only one debugger is required to debug applications in all three programming languages.

Technical details

Software requirements

Unless otherwise announced by IBM, COBOL for VSE/ESA runs under the control of, or in conjunction with, the currently supported releases of the following programs and their subsequent releases or their equivalents:

  • VSE/ESA Version 2 (5690-VSE) or later
  • Language Environment for VSE/ESA V1.4 (5686-094) or later

Hardware requirements

COBOL for VSE/ESA will run on any hardware configuration supported by these licensed programs:

  • VSE/ESA Version 2 (5690-VSE) or later
  • Language Environment for VSE/ESA V1.4 (5686-094) or later

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