Feature spotlights

Fast, secure, and reliable mobile transfers

IBM® Aspera® Drive Mobile uses the Fast, Adaptive, Secure Protocol (FASP®) high-speed transfer protocol to enable the quick upload of media to remote Aspera Shares or other server nodes. The app continues to transfer files in the background during phone calls or when using other applications. In addition, it provides automatic restart and resume capabilities for in interrupted mobile transfers.

Powerful browse, filter and sort capabilities

Aspera Drive Mobile enables scanning of remote files and directories directly from the mobile device interface with a quick access to previously downloaded content. It provides notifications when new or updated versions of a downloaded file are available and allows you to rename and delete content. Create folders on remote servers from your mobile device.

Built-in security

Aspera Drive Mobile supports the FASP security model, which provides secure authentication, encryption in transit and at rest, data integrity verification and FIPS-140 2 compliance.

Native mobile app design

Directly capture and transfer photos and video using a mobile device camera. Upload files directly from photo or video collection or other apps on your device.

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