Smarter Marketing with the new IBM Contact Optimization

IBM Contact Optimization delivers the most relevant and profitable offers to your customers at the right time. Every time. Meet and exceed marketing engagement and conversion objectives while reducing customer contact fatigue. Solve for complex outbound campaign conflicts in order to optimize effectiveness across campaigns. By improving offer effectiveness, marketers have a much better chance of exceeding their engagement, conversion and customer loyalty objectives.

Boost customer engagement

Optimize campaigns and communications for each customer based on their interaction history and your business objectives. Deliver more relevant offers to increase engagement and conversion.

Improve customer satisfaction

Easily define and address business constraints to ensure your contact strategy delivers more effective outcomes. Improve satisfaction by eliminating potentially counterproductive communications.

Exceed campaign and offer objectives

Drive your business more predictably by identifying customer preferences to better target and personalize your marketing efforts. Achieve better results with more customer-centric experiences.

Key Features

  • Communication optimization
  • Define business constraints
  • Use insights to automate optimization
  • Create rules-based goals and scoring

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