What it can do for your business

Customer Insight for Communication Service Providers is an advanced application that converts unfiltered network data into defined and usable customer data. The refined data helps accelerate returns with unique and customer-specific use cases for NPS & churn, customer profiling and customer engagement.
IBM Customer Insight for Communication Service Providers

Minimize subscriber churn

Combines customer behavior and experience analytics with targeting of subscribers based on propensity to churn score. Uses Churn Propensity, Predicted Churn Date and Keep Score.

Improve customer satisfaction

Correlates Net Promoter Score (NPS) with customer behavior and experience data. Identifies drivers of promoters and detractors, and allows analysis of individual factors.

Increase marketing revenue

Identifies meaningful customer segmentation based on customer activity, customer behavior and time spent with weighted interest scores, recency and frequency.

Security and privacy in the cloud

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