Feature spotlights

Pre-trained industry & domain knowledge

Watson Virtual Agent already understands many of the conversations that your customer wants to have because it comes pre-trained with industry and domain content.

Personalized configuration

Watson Virtual Agent is configured, not coded - you don't need to have machine learning or programming expertise, you just need to configure it to the specifics of your organization.

Engagement metrics dashboard

See rich analytics about the interactions your customers are having with Watson Virtual Agent and discover new opportunities to improve your customer service.

User friendly tooling

Quickly train and publish your Virtual Agent using our reference library of comprehensive documentation. You can either use our quick-start embed code and APIs or you can write your own code using our SDK.

Self service delivered by bots

Watson Virtual Agent applies cognitive technology to provide a personalized, contextualized customer experience, with pre-trained industry and domain knowledge.

Deep analytic capabilities

Once your virtual agent is in production, use our Engagement Metrics dashboard to understand more about the conversations that Watson is having with your customers. Analyze who is using the system and why to tune and improve your deployment.

Up and running in no time

Watson Virtual Agent is up and running fast. It’s trained on many common questions that your customers will ask, you just need to let it know about your company’s information. And when you’re ready to go, a small code snippet will be produced which is easily embedded into your website or mobile app.

How customers use it

  • Cross-Industry Customer Service

    Cross-Industry Customer Service


    Most of the questions your customers have come up time and again. Having live agents respond to these is a waste of expensive, talented resource but finding the right digital approach that's effective and appreciated by customers has been elusive.


    By deploying Watson Virtual Agent on the front-line of customer support you can offer customers a cognitive, conversational self-service engine that can provide answers and take action through a variety of channels at scale.

  • Telco Industry Customer Support

    Telco Industry Customer Support


    The average Telco company receives 60 million calls per year from customers requiring help or advice. When the average cost to service each call is between $5-$10, how do you manage that cost-effectively?


    Watson Virtual Agent supports your Postpaid Wireless customers. Specially trained on Telco content, it deflects contacts from higher cost channels and can answer common industry questions relating to billing, device, service management and more.