Identify, Notify, & Resolve critical incidents faster

Cloud Event Management automatically correlates events into prioritized incident views. It also notifies the right person at the right time, with integrated, automated notifications. This initiates a fast response and keeps everyone in sync. To quickly resolve incidents, it even matches in-context runbooks with events.

Identifying Problems

Allows the user to see how multiple events that come from multiple different sources have a common underlying problem.

Incident Prioritisation

Having your incidents displayed in order of prioritization allows your Ops/DevOps team to know which incidents are mission critical.

Centralized knowledge base for DevOps

With access to runbook solutions created by subject matter experts across multiple regions and time zones, solving complex as well as routine problems has never been easier.

Security and privacy in the cloud

  • IBM enables companies to scale and adapt quickly to changing business needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels when using IBM cloud offerings.

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See operational activity and status
See operational activity and status
Track a timeline of Incident activity
Track a timeline of Incident activity

Available on IBM Cloud

This product is available on IBM Cloud, an open source environment that helps you quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage applications on the cloud.

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