A solid foundation for case-style workflow solutions

IBM® Case Foundation is for organizations that need to harness unstructured information and integrate it with business processes to drive critical business decisions. It enables organizations to create, manage and optimize case-based processes and is designed to decrease development costs while significantly improving process performance. Case Foundation links specific pieces of content with a structured workflow. It's an on ramp for organizations that choose to move from document-centric workflow solutions to the advanced capabilities of IBM Case Manager. Case foundation must be installed if you need full workflow processing capabilities.
IBM Case Foundation

Simple installation and administration

The simplicity of a single consolidated platform allows you to streamline installation, configuration and deployment eliminating the need to install individual components.

Enables active content

With active content enabled application users can access and interact with information quickly and in context improving their productivity and reducing the cost of processing and research.

Supports industry standards

For ease of use and compatibility with common applications and environments Case Foundation uses Business Process Modeling Notation, XML Process Definition Language and Java® Enterprise Edition.

Key features

  • Integrates with the IBM ECM family of products
  • Single installation for the Content Platform Engine
  • Services for multiple databases and component management
  • Includes Case Monitor and Case Analyzer capabilities