What it can do for your business

IBM® Aspera® faspex™ is a solution for fast, global person-to-person file delivery and collaboration. Users can send and receive unlimited-size digital packages at high speed among geographically dispersed teams in an email-style workflow using a standard web browser, a desktop application or a mobile app.

Digital assets exchange

Secure transfer of files and folders of any size between users across the globe via desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Distributed team collaboration

Fast, efficient exchange of large files or entire project folders between distributed teams using a familiar email-style workflow.

Automated file distribution

Automated receipts of digital deliveries from multiple entities save time and hassle and reduce risk of file loss in a manual process.

Review, approval and QA

Customize drop boxes with meta data and triggers for automated post-receipt file processing.

Secure contributions from remote users

Custom user registration, including self-registration, for ad-hoc submissions and distributions that do not require a faspex account.

Key features

  • High speed data transfers
  • Fast, efficient collaboration solution
  • Comprehensive user management and control
  • Highly scalable, reliable enterprise solution
  • Built-in security

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