Focus on speed and quality

Achieve the best results from integration with an automated, closed-loop and multi-style approach. Apply targeted innovations to automate integrations, such as natural language–powered integration flows, AI-assisted mapping and RPA, and use company-specific operational data to continuously improve integrations, enhance API test generation, workload balancing and more.

As the end-to-end flow of information transforms your business, different styles of integration can access shared asset repositories and consistent deployment through a common UI, delivering agile integration and faster, higher quality outcomes.

Use cases

Drive new engagement models

Screenshot of IBM Automation platform dashboard showing a patient API integrating Twilio and Slack

Drive new engagement models

Use IBM Cloud Pak for Integration to:

  • Create and manage APIs
  • Respond to events in real time
  • Perform security-rich data migration and transfer

Integrate more efficiently

Screenshot of IBM Automation platform dashboard showing trade show leads in Salesforce

Integrate more efficiently

Use IBM Cloud Pak for Integration to:

  • Accelerate delivery with AI
  • Quickly build and deploy reusable integrations
  • Simplify operations to reduce cost

Reduce security risks

Screenshot of IBM Automation platform dashboard showing development assembly

Reduce security risks

Use IBM Cloud Pak for Integration to:

  • Balance workloads to optimize resiliency and scalability
  • Promote security in your business to protect critical assets
  • Protect transactional integrity across networks and data sources



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