Industry 4.0, The Fourth Revolution

Industry 4.0 optimizes your people, processes and equipment. IBM ushers in this new era by connecting siloed data, embedding intelligence and empowering workers.


of production data is created daily by the average factory, but less than 1% of that data is actually being analyzed by manufacturers

L’Oreal’s Industry 4.0 transformation

Integrated sensors facilitate the right action at the right time for high quality production.

Who we work with

Sandvik digs deep with IoT

Sandvik partnered with Watson IoT™ to provide smarter, safer, more efficient operations.

Yara and IBM join forces to transform the future of farming

Yara and IBM will combine world-class agronomy and cutting-edge technology to develop the world's leading global digital farming platform.

Lemvigh-Müller create product catalogue access with IBM® Watson® Explorer

Empowering sales teams to deliver superior client experiences and supercharge their productivity

IBM Technology

Make Industry 4.0 a reality in your operation with cutting-edge technology and applications built to solve your biggest industry challenges.


Access to your data and applications is critical for productivity and profitability. Scalable IBM Cloud™ solutions deliver real-time insights to save time and control costs.

Artificial intelligence

Harness the power of IBM Watson to anticipate demand, pinpoint quality issues, and increase equipment uptime with predictive maintenance solutions.


Safeguard your connected operations with security solutions to harden defenses, prevent attacks, protect sensitive data, and mitigate risk of IoT.

Internet of Things

Continuously monitor and analyze factory data with IoT solutions to identify potential machine problems, prevent downtime, and increase quality and yield.

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