Based on IBM Spectrum Storage, Pixit Media’s software-defined solutions equip media and entertainment firms with performance and scalability.

Blue Chip transformed its approach to the provision of managed services with IBM software-defined storage and IBM Global Financing.

The Bunker builds a nuclear bombproof, deep archive solution on IBM Cloud Object Storage, for compliant, cost-effective data storage.

IBM Spectrum Storage solutions for every need

Improve the way you manage, protect, and store data with IBM Spectrum Storage Suite, which includes many of the SDS products listed below. The products share a common design, which helps speed their deployment and adoption.

Choose individual SDS products for specific needs

Grow securely

Manage data growth from under 100TB to many petabytes with ease. Gain leading data integrity and security, and native hybrid cloud options.

Manage data at scale

Optimize big data analytics and clustered applications with high-performance, scalable storage that enables global collaboration, simplifies workflows, and lowers costs with cloud tiering.

Reduce storage OpEx and CapEx

Reduce downtime, add features, and unify storage from more than 400 storage systems to make block storage more efficient, agile, and cloud-ready.

Archive your data

Get the lowest cost, reliable data storage, and the protection of airgap with simplified tape access and the rapid deployment of SDS.

Curate and classify unstructured data

Automate ingestion and indexing of metadata and apply policy-based custom tags to classify and categorize data according to business goals. Gain data insight for large-scale analytics, governance and storage optimization.

Deploy NAS clusters

Manage and grow your scale-out storage. SDS works with x86 and is ready for your applications with native protocols. Self-balancing architecture reduces bottlenecks and avoids a single point of failure.

Related offerings

Comprehensive infrastructure management

Simplify and automate storage provisioning, capacity management, availability monitoring, and reporting.

Data protection you can trust

Whether it's back up, disaster recovery, data governance, or solutions for DevOps, IBM modernizes data protection to meet today's most difficult business challenges.

Flexibly provision and deploy

Deliver VMware and Container support on IBM Storage with solutions for IBM Cloud Private or tailored to your environment.


Storage innovation that drives 21st century business

Industry Transition to Software-defined Storage Satisfied with Spectrum Storage Suite ! How the rise of 3rd Platform computing and cloud services are driving the development of modern next generation applications?

IBM software-defined storage guide

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