Journey to AI

What are the paths to adopting AI?
See the story of two professionals and how their individual approach to implementing it lead to very different outcomes. 

What the experts think

Whether you need to implement machine learning or high performance computing, both hardware and
software are essential. The analysts agree and the customers who chose the platform are seeing the benefits of PowerAI.

Avoiding the obstacles down the road

IDC analyzed many organizations on their journey to AI adoptions. Many of them reported running into problems along the way. 

This report discusses the most common ones, as well as how you could avoid running into them.

2X performance increase

A company specialising in Enterprise Content Management needed to implement a cognitive solution in order to tackle the wave of unstructured data.

IBM Power Systems Deep Learning infrastructure delivered a x2 increase in performance over the previous x86 installation.

Rethinking the Enterprise AI Infrastructure

IDC strongly believes that the days of homogenous compute are over. One architecture doesn't fit all.

This truth has become increasingly evident as more and more businesses have started to launch AI initiatives.


AI Boot camp

IBM's unique solution offers a versatile hardware platform that can be flexibly repurposed based on the
required software stack. The same boxes can address predictive analytics, pattern recognition, deep
learning or HPC tasks. Here are some webinars on how these can be achieved.


Deploying Distributed Deep Learning at Scale, with IBM Power Systems, NVIDIA GPUs and TensorFlow

Curious to learn the secrets that make PowerAI different? Join this webinar to understand the unique features that set it apart from other solutions on the market.

PowerAI Demo: getting started with AI in under 30 minutes without having to write a single line of code and linking the results to a mobile app.


How to deploy deep learning and why IBM's servers with GPU acceleration are the ideal platform


How IBM is unleashing GPU processing beyond the capabilities of traditional x86 servers


Machine learning made easy with GPU acceleration using the open-source cluster-computing framework


The magic inside the machine

PowerAI - Virtual tour

Virtual tour

Take a peek inside the IBM® Power System™ AC922.

Learn how it is built and why it is better for cluster deployments geared towards predictive analytics, pattern recognition, deep learning and high performance computing.


Bits and pieces

What makes the IBM® Power System™ AC922 stand out? The parts it uses are made to handle huge amounts of data. It’s one of those cases where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

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