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Discover why IBM Micromedex solutions are used in 4,500 hospitals in over 80 countries.

Rich, accurate content

Reliable, relevant, and consistent evidence-based content regularly curated by professionals

Industry-leading AI

Conversational search and natural language processing capabilities powered by IBM Watson

Quick EHR integration

Accessible directly from within the EHR, providing efficient support at the point of care

Access on-the-go

Mobile application helps facilitate informed decision making anytime, anywhere

Benefits of AI

Get reliable answers – quickly and efficiently

IBM Micromedex solutions now combine the evidence-based clinical content of Micromedex with the industry-leading AI capabilities of IBM Watson. The Watson Assistant allows users to bypass the traditional keyword-based search process in favor of a search bar that accepts conversational queries, allowing clinicians to type questions the same way they would speak in everyday language. Watson then applies its natural language processing capabilities and domain-specific training to efficiently mine the Micromedex content – returning relevant results quickly and helping users make decisions with clarity and confidence.

IBM Micromedex solutions suite

IBM Micromedex solutions are available individually or can be bundled together to provide additional levels of clinical decision support.

DynaMed and Micromedex with Watson

The rich, evidence-based disease content of DynaMed combined with the drug insights, and AI of Micromedex with Watson

IBM Micromedex with Watson

The latest evidence-based information on drugs, disease, toxicology and alternative medicine combined with the accelerated information delivery capabilities of AI

IBM Micromedex CareNotes

Patient-friendly education materials spanning conditions and diagnoses, labs and procedures

IBM Micromedex NeoFax and Pediatrics

Accurate drug and enteral nutrition content to inform care for neonatal and pediatric patients

IBM Micromedex RED BOOK

Pricing information to support formulary management, cost containment and drug utilization review

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Technical support

Micromedex product support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to help with password resets, access issues, and additional support items.