IBM Talent Management is part of Watson works. Ensure the health, safety and productivity of your workplace.

Transform and enable your workforce with skilling opportunities, innovative and engaging technologies, and new ways of sustaining communication and collaboration in times of uncertainty and beyond

What can you do to prepare your workforce with confidence?

  • Set a re-entry strategy that's comprehensive across people, process, technology, and data.  
  • Assess privacy and company policies while addressing the needs for the new workplace environment. 
  • Organize and manage facilities and space, people safety, and adherence to new protocols
  • Provide credible and continuous communication with AI-enabled updates for timely, accurate information and feedback

How do you create a resilient workforce for the future?

Pulling from IBM's own transformation experience, we help clients raise their virtual workforce maturity levels to better anticipate and embrace change by:

  • Building skills and capabilities now and for the future to empower employees
  • Establishing a roadmap to transform HR to digital operations, enhancing employee engagement while reducing costs
  • Identifying continuous improvement opportunities associated with operating in a new normal
  • Aligning a flexible workforce strategy against business and cost reduction priorities

How can AI accelerate innovation for HR?

The interplay between people and AI, also known as artificial intelligence, resets organizations' expectations for what they can do. Here are three examples of how AI can be used in HR:

  • AI-powered bots are now becoming trusted HR advisors to employees, freeing up their time to apply creativity and pursue high-value tasks
  • AI is assisting talent matching and enabling predictive workforce planning
  • HR leaders are using AI to make sense of data in context and light up new paths forward, turning decisions into iterative innovation

What we do

Work smart. Work safe.

Create a re-entry strategy that is integrated across people, technology and data while building confidence and trust. IBM can help you prepare for employees to return to the workplace with a structured sequence of coordinated actions that promote health and safety and reduce risk; allow you to monitor and manage changing conditions to inform decisions; and provide trusted communication to ensure employees are informed and prepared.

Build capabilities for now and the future

Traditional hiring and training are no longer sufficient. Organizations need to reassess what skills and competencies their people need now to support the business and build them quickly. Rapid learning, at all layers of the organization, will be even more critical to business resiliency and growth. IBM uses AI, personalized recommendations, digital certifications and design thinking to reimagine the learning experience and develop a culture of continuous communication and reskilling. We enable you to optimize workforce planning, talent management, and skills through an ecosystem of digital services, AI, and intelligent workflows.

Reimagine how work gets done to create a dynamic resilient enterprise

Enabling virtual collaboration and agile decision making is critical to building and maintaining resiliency in today’s ever-changing world. We design and deliver new ways of working by integrating your business and talent strategies to create intelligent workflows that harmonize technology and people to change how work gets done. We help you reimagine work and where work can be done so that roles can be performed in the most productive way, changing how you hire, train and progress your people, creating a dynamic resilient enterprise.

How we can help

HR transformation

HR is the new engine of growth for the organization, helping attract and retain a diverse and highly skilled workforce that supports evolving business needs.

Talent acquisition

Amplify your competitive advantage by hiring talent using advanced innovation and AI to unleash new sources of value across talent management.

Talent development

Skills and experience are the new currency of competitive value and this requires organizations to build a culture of continuous learning.

"Employees need to be nurtured and advised to achieve true progress."

Empowering your people on the way to creating a future-proof workforce

The talent and transformation blog series was created for forward-thinking HR professionals and features leading voices in the field on the top challenges and opportunities facing HR organizations today.

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