Five key technologies for enabling a cyber resilience framework


IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services helps you increase your resilience

Today’s competitive business environment requires the continuous availability of your IT systems, applications and data. Your employees, customers and business partners expect that the information, products and services they need will be available when they’re needed.

IBM Business Continuity Consulting Services offers a holistic approach to evaluating your hybrid cloud risk awareness and determining your organization’s resilience level. Its framework is a seven-layer model that helps your business and IT leaders examine resiliency operations at both the physical and virtual layers to identify risks and vulnerabilities. This approach helps identify both cloud and traditional IT risks to your business operations. It recommends solutions to help manage those risks and measures to enhance or establish your resiliency program.

What you get with business continuity consulting services

Assess and design

Understand potential risks and how to avoid them, review your current state and design a resiliency strategy for recovery and restarting your critical business services.

Implement and test

Validate your resiliency program, plans, procedures and workflows to identify any issues and gaps to be addressed before a disruptive event occurs.

Manage and sustain

Engage program management services to maintain a sustainable resiliency environment and monitor resiliency readiness.

Improves resource management

Reduces unplanned downtime and helps improve resource management.

Increases resilience

Boosts resilience against disruption and effectively addresses risk.

Increases risk management

Helps ensure controls are in place to mitigate impact or eliminate disruption.

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