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What Watson Care Manager can do for your organization

IBM Watson® Care Manager supports human-centered contact tracing through structured interviews and provides care teams a platform for supporting the holistic needs of individuals affected by COVID-19 and beyond. Bridge the gap between health and social needs, collaborate across departments and jurisdictions, and automate care management workflows to support ongoing care.

Watson Care Manager is a rapidly deployable, HIPAA-enabled, and cloud-based SaaS solution that connects stakeholders and supports coordination and delivery of services.

Contact tracing

High-touch, interview model helps agencies mitigate the spread of infection

  • Interview residents using a simple workflow to determine exposed individuals
  • Document decisions and challenges and create actions to follow up with individuals as needed
  • Contact exposed individuals and encourage them to self-quarantine
  • Report on COVID-19 impact for managed populations to view hot spots, demographics, recovery timelines, and more

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Integrated care management

Provide care teams a platform for supporting the holistic needs of individuals affected by COVID-19

  • Review individual’s COVID-19 lab results 
  • Perform intake questionnaires with CDC-approved guidelines to understand symptoms and severity
  • Assess an individual’s needs and select appropriate actions and interventions to support recovery
  • Manage the needs of residents with regularly scheduled, structured check-ins

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Connecting individuals to community services

Support the health and social needs of individuals by connecting them with community service providers

  • Refer individuals to relevant services within the community to support their needs
  • Give teams access to an interactive, curated directory of local services and programs
  • View pre-configured suggested services based on the individual’s assessment
  • Identify available regional medical and remote monitoring services to support home care

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Optimize care management

Use Watson Care Manager to create individualized care plans that manage the whole person.

Scale engagement

Easily grow to keep up with increasing populations under your management.

Better coordinate care

Unlock the potential of structured and unstructured data with cognitive insights.

Work smarter

Increase efficiency with Watson Care Manager’s automated workflows.

Security in the cloud

Scale and adapt quickly to changing needs without compromising security, privacy or risk levels.

Protect health data

Watson Care Manager follows industry and global compliance standards such as HIPAA for Healthcare USA and UK Data Protection Act.

Hire, train and onboard

Build a trusted workforce of skilled contact tracers, trained to operate with speed and engage with empathy.

Sonoma County

Sonoma County and IBM working together to change lives

Watch the video (3:35)

Montgomery County Juvenile Court

Helping juvenile treatment court improve efficiency and outcomes

Read the case study (PDF, 374KB)

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Which option is right for you?

Watson Care Manager (WCM) Lite

Collaborate with care teams, create individualized care plans, centralize data and automate workflows, all within a HIPAA-enabled cloud.

Watson Care Manager base

Collaborate with care teams, create individualized care plans, centralize data, automate workflows, and create reports, all within a HIPAA-enabled cloud.

Add-on: Individual Engagement

This add-on provides the ability for individuals to interact with their care plan.

Add-on: Community Service Referrals

This add-on provides the ability to collaborate with the community service providers.

Add-on: Service Provider Portal

This add-on provides community service providers the ability to update their profiles and log in to respond to service requests.