Analyze treatment patterns and markets

IBM® MarketScan® cloud-based software tools help life sciences professionals in outcomes research, commercialization and market access analyze MarketScan and other data sets quickly and intuitively — no programming skills required. They allow you to follow and map patients throughout the course of their treatments, estimate top-line market demand, understand payer and practice trends and more.

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IBM MarketScan Treatment Pathways

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Follows patients throughout courses of treatment and graphically represents the journey as treatment maps. See how patient conditions and treatments evolve, explore treatment sequences, evaluate events leading up to a diagnosis and more.

IBM MarketScan Inpatient View

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Provides access to a catalog of US hospital-based inpatient data with diagnosis and procedure volumes and key statistics for the most recent year. Data are derived from 28 million actual inpatient records.

IBM MarketScan Outpatient View

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Provides details of the total annual volume for diagnoses and procedures by outpatient setting. Volumes are detailed by region, age, gender, outpatient setting and payer for the most recent year.

IBM MarketScan Sample Select

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Offers access to MarketScan Commercial, MarketScan Medicare Supplemental and Medicaid data. Query counts of patient cohorts based on disease, diagnosis and/or procedures. Summary reports provide demographic, clinical and utilization details.

IBM Facility Targeting Reports

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Identify potential sales at US hospitals and surgery centers. Combine hospital diagnosis and procedure volumes with physician affiliation for insight into drivers in US geographic markets.

IBM Study Advance

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Use MarketScan longitudinal patient data with IBM Study Advance, a protocol development tool that can help improve upfront design decisions in support of reduced delays and trial costs.