IBM Db2® Big SQL now available on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data


Deep integration into the Hadoop ecosystem

Leverage Hive, Hbase and Spark using a single database connection. Whether on the cloud, on premises or both, access data across Hadoop and relational databases.

Advanced massive parallel processing (MPP)

Run smarter queries supporting more concurrent users with less hardware than other SQL solutions for Hadoop. Run all 99 TPCDS queries up to 100 TB with numerous concurrent users.

SQL compatible with other vendors, products and dialects

Integrate with Oracle, the IBM Db2® product family, and IBM Netezza® and provide federated access to relational database management system (RDBMS) sources outside of Hadoop with IBM Fluid Query.

User-friendly, familiar SQL interface and tools

Based on Java database connectivity (JDBC), administrators can easily start and stop services, set up users, and views, and define alerts and notifications.

Data science ready

Build, train, deploy and manage AI models, and prepare and analyze data for machine learning in a single, integrated environment.

Enterprise security

Robust role-based access control (RBAC) and row-based dynamic filtering with Apache Ranger integration provides centralized security administration and auditing for data lakes.

Available on IBM Power Systems®

Build on IBM Power Systems to support the most advanced data applications — from the mission-critical workloads you run today to the next generation of AI.

Deploy the option that meets your business needs

Data engineers can analyze structured and unstructured data stored in open source file formats in Big Data stores by deploying on IBM Cloud Pak® for Data or Cloudera Data Platform.

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