Operationalize AI throughout your business

What is IBM Cognos Analytics?

Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled business intelligence platform that supports the entire analytics cycle, from discovery to operationalization.

Visualize, analyze and share actionable insights about your data with anyone in your organization.

Deploy where and when you need it with support for multicloud environments – public, private, on premise, and on IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data

Smarter business intelligence

Visualize your business performance

Create beautiful dashboards and reports with AI recommendations

Let AI help you uncover the patterns hidden in your data

Cognos Analytics doesn’t just show you a bar chart — it interprets the data for you, and presents actionable insights in plain language

Share critical insights easily

Break down the silos. Share dashboards and reports with anyone in your organization

Save time with automated data preparation

Cleanse and combine your data sources in minutes with AI-assisted data preparation

Protect your data

With strong governance rules that scale, you can control who has access to sensitive information, and who doesn't

Start small, grow big, on any budget

Mix and match capabilities for users without blowing your budget — and with no minimum user count

Trusted COVID-19 data for communities

Woman looking at a computer screen that displays the dashboard

IBM released a new, global interactive dashboard built on IBM Cognos Analytics to show the spread of COVID-19 across the world. The general public, researchers, data scientists, and media, can utilize this dashboard to conduct deeper analysis and filtering of regional data.

The COVID-19 data reflected in this dashboard is pulled from state and local governments and the World Health Organization.

Explore the dashboard →

Visualize your business performance

  • Craft beautiful, interactive dashboards and compelling reports in a single tool
  • Discover superior visualizations for your data with AI recommendations
  • Overlay your data on the physical world with geospatial capabilities

Uncover the patterns hidden in your data

  • Cognos Analytics doesn’t just show you a bar chart — it interprets the data for you with AI.
  • Business users can ask a question in plain language, and receive an actionable answer – no matter the question.
  • Analysts can use these insights to dive deeper into the data

Collaborate with anyone in your organization

Rear shot of man sitting at desktop computer that's displaying graph and map
  • Cognos Analytics connects to your data in the cloud (or on-prem), so that all of your users access the same data.
  • Everyone gets the same answers
  • Capture, annotate and share visuals over email or Slack

Clean and combine data in minutes

  • Import data from spreadsheets, CSV files, cloud or on-premises databases
  • Use machine learning to automatically discover and combine related data sources into a single, trusted data module
  • Add new columns to your data; perform calculations; split, reorder and hide columns
Professional male hand on laptop computer displaying flowchart and another hand taking notes

Which deployment option is right for you?

Cloud Edition

A low-cost cloud service with all the features of Cognos Analytics. Starting at USD 15 per month.

Enterprise Edition

A dedicated service with the power to meet your critical performance needs

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