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Capitalize on available mobility opportunities

Assess your current IT capabilities against your business needs to identify gaps where innovative technologies that can drive value can boost performance. Improve application rollout procedures. Choose the best management tools for your needs, including device-level controls, partitioning, configuration, encryption, password policy enforcement and more. Determine if your networks are ready for your future challenges.

Develop a mobile strategy

Identify potential solution approaches and industry best practices to explore ways to power mobility within your business. Will you continue or begin a bring your own device (BYOD), also known as choice, program? Address related issues, including onboarding, authorized access from multiple vendor platforms and devices, security, bandwidth prioritization, device management and user support. Evaluate BYOD and corporate-owned device policies to protect apps and data.

Empower social business for enhanced communication

Avoid hindering employees with devices or apps that restrict them from direct communications with clients, business partners and each other. Work with IBM to accommodate the mobile needs of different user groups by enabling CRM, email, text and voice chat, file sharing, intranets, support, remote systems control and more. Create a governance model for regulating devices, and user conduct, based on best practice and industry standards.

Create a complete roadmap for action

With the help of IBM, your final roadmap will cover office devices, mobility and user support strategies, as well as communications, security and governance policies. A high-level summary of potential return on investment (ROI) aligned with your future growth goals will be included. Choose from our pre-built solutions to get started on your path in an efficient, cost-effective and speedy manner.

Choose from IBM engagement options

A rigorous engagement may take between 4 and 23 weeks to complete. Your IBM team engages multiple units to collect and analyze your mobility capabilities and future needs. Next, we work with you to define a clear strategy, and build the roadmap towards your goals. An Accelerator option is available that focuses on overall strategy and scope. It can be expanded to include data collection and modeling.

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