Feature spotlights

Dashboard-level weather and traffic visualization

A dynamic and customizable dashboard includes live radar, satellite views, wind speed/direction, temperature, storm track and several map options.

Comprehensive insight across fleets, hubs and stores

This app combines and displays all relevant weather, traffic and safety information in a single, simple UI, including configurable alerts to give decision-makers time to make alternate plans.

Live, location-based alerts

Pinpoint both current and upcoming locations based on the driver’s trajectory, distribution centers or store locations. The user can check forecast, current weather and traffic conditions while planning the day’s travel.

Fueled by the world’s best weather and traffic data

Features third-party validated weather accuracy leadership and precision, including traffic data down to 250-mile road segment resolution covering nearly 5,000,000 miles (8,000,000 kilometers) of road in 45 countries.

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